13 July 2018

Why prefer Marketing Outsourcing?


What are the reasons that motivate certain companies to prefer Outsourcing before creating a Marketing Department within them?

The first reason seems to be obvious, reducing operational costs derived from salaries, physical spaces, telephone expenses, displacement, input, per diem, licenses, etc., but that is a real reason to outsource such an important function as the management of your brand and image.

Or rather the question may be Is a company really ready to venture into building a Marketing Department and take on the challenge of managing your brand with all the biases that this management can have.

Just to mention some of the business reasons that emanate certain Outsourcing experiences are:

  • Expertise of the consultants that allows to implement in their companies proven formulas with greater guarantees of success.
  • Constant learning of new ways of managing brands because these companies must constantly study new trends.
  • Network of contact in media and associations that can be handled by the executives of the agencies that extend the range of action of the companies.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of the business, it may be that at one time a large amount of productive HH is required, but in others only one tenth.
  • Macro vision and not biased by the paradigms of the company, it is very important to always have an objective vision so that the campaigns are implemented successfully.
  • Network of suppliers with better prices and services, Marketing consultants usually know more suppliers and know how best not to venture.

Now these are just some of the advantages that are added to the great savings in operating expenses generated by companies but the question becomes:

How to choose the right agency or consultant?

The answer is more complex, it is necessary to probe those who are behind the consultants, they are small companies and where the Director is always the key person and his experience plays a very important role.

It is also good to know the specialization both at the technical level and at the level of the market and clients that each consultant has.