16 July 2023

Four Things That Help Make an Outstanding Reception Area

By ruiiid5

Your reception area has a big impact on your visitors. As a business you want the impression that visitors get of you to be a good one, and first impressions of course will start with the reception area. If you have a welcoming and friendly reception area, it creates a good impression and puts people at ease – here are some of the things that you need to ensure you have if you want to create a great reception area in your business premises…

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Cleanliness – Nobody wants to wait in a messy or dirty reception area. If your reception area needs a good clean or is full of clutter it can also give a poor impression of your company, so make sure that it is always neat and tidy, and keep on top of cleaning.

Good Security – If people feel safe they will be happier and more relaxed. Ensuring that the security and safety is good is essential. Having a visitor management system is a great way to record who is on the premises in case of emergency.

Brand Identity – Branding in business helps to get across a message and build trust and recognition. Your reception area is no exception, and you should make sure that you are communicating your brand well here. You can use signage as well as artwork and colours to do this.

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Comfort – People want to be comfortable when they are waiting, so your seating needs to be suitable. Comfortable reception seating helps people to relax whilst they wait.