7 September 2022

What are the Features of a Good Training Programme?

By ruiiid5

What are the features of a good training programme? First, it must have a clearly defined purpose. The training could be about new procedures or equipment or it could be about introducing a new product. The training should take into account current employee behaviour and anticipated future needs. It can also include interactive exercises, demonstrations and pamphlets. This way, employees can easily compare their current behaviours to what they should expect in the future.

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A good training course should also have easy-to-use tools for recording attendance, marking grades and keeping track of students. The presenter should also be able to manage certifications, track points and send reminders for renewals. It should also automate follow-up communications such as general thank-you emails and survey invitations. The latter are particularly valuable when the learning objectives are specific and clear. It also gives a sense of continuity. For more information on the benefits of Train The Trainer Courses, contact a site such as the College of Public Speaking

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A good training course will also be evaluated to ensure that the participants have gained the skills or knowledge they need. A paper-based survey might be useful, but anonymous surveys are generally more reliable. A survey tool like Survey Monkey can help you do this. Assessments should also take place during the training, including simple knowledge tests, case studies, hands-on exercises and more. Throughout the training, the learning objectives should be measurable and the evaluations should focus on the actual performance of the workers.