20 August 2023

Why you should choose Greece when investing in the property market.

By ruiiid5

Investing in the housing market is a fairly safe and lucrative choice but when looking at options as to where to purchase property you should choose Greece.  Their minimum requirement for property investment is lower than most other European Countries and they have the additional benefit of the Golden Visa Greece opportunity. If you are a Strategic or Financial Investor or you have a career as a Stockbroker, $250,000 is all it takes to invest in the purchase of one or several properties and you are fast-tracked to residential status with a Golden Visa.  Greece is financially stable and their passport is placed sixth in the Global rankings, alongside the USA and Switzerland making any financial investment secure and potentially extremely profitable.

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Free State Education and Healthcare for yourself and your extended family is yet another bonus plus you can stay in the country for up to 365 days if you choose. With Greece being a fully affiliated member of the European Union, NATO and the International Monetary Union securing a Golden Visa Greece and purchasing properties in this beautiful country is the obvious investment opportunity.

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You can also gain entry to over one hundred and eighty different countries without the necessity of obtaining an entry visa if you have a Golden Visa from Greece. Stunning, little, White-washed houses with sky-blue roofs, nestled together on the top of a nearby hill, picture the scene and place your hard-earned money in property on this picturesque Island.