18 March 2024

Five Living Kitchen Trends

By ruiiid5

Living kitchens are growing in popularity. Rather than the traditional view of a kitchen as simply a place to prepare and eat meals, living kitchens blur the lines between kitchen space and living space, creating a holistic room where people can relax and socialise. If you are considering a living kitchen refurbishment, here are five trends to consider.
1. Open Plan

The layout of a living kitchen should encompass various zones, including sitting areas, dining areas and more. Another benefit of open plan design, as discussed in Ideal Magazine is that it adds more value to your home.

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  1. Kitchen Islands

    A kitchen island provides a central focal point that is both functional and social. By adding seating such as stools to your island, people can eat, relax, chat or work. For inspiration, The Kitchen Refurbishment Company is a good place to see options for island layouts.

    3. Soft Seating

    A living kitchen is made even more welcoming with some soft seating. Try a small sofa in a cosy nook, or tub chairs where people can relax with a view over the kitchen.

    4. Personalised Spaces

    If you enjoy socialising, why not add a bar area to your kitchen? Or, if you enjoy whipping up tasty dishes, a walk-in pantry will be the perfect space to store your ingredients. By tailoring your kitchen refurbishment to your interests, you are more likely to enjoy spending time there.

    5. Experiment with Lighting

    The right lighting can transform any kitchen. Try low-hanging lights above an island, under-cupboard strip lights or ceiling spots to create different ambiences.

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A living kitchen is not only a functional space but can also encourage family members to spend more time together. So, if you are thinking of kitchen refurbishment ideas, a living kitchen is a great option.