26 June 2024

Know the value of an architect

By ruiiid5

Remind yourself first and foremost why it is worth hiring an architect. They can make a huge contribution to any build. This includes negotiating complicated building regulations and planning procedures on your behalf, creating a site-specific plan that maximises space, natural light and storage, researching materials, fixtures, and finishes, or designing bespoke joinery and furniture.

Architects will add value to your life in many ways. Your investment is likely to have a positive impact on your biggest financial asset, your house. But the design that they create is also likely to improve your quality of living, your sense of well-being and your emotional attachment to your property.

Look at the current portfolio of an architecture studio to get a feel for their style.

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What are you looking to do?

Only practices that have experience in delivering what you want should be researched. This is also true for modular and prefabrication homes, new construction, restoration as well as other services. For a Monmouth Architect, visit https://www.hillsandcompany.co.uk

Finding an architect who shares your vision is more important than experience if you are open to trying new things or have a small project in mind.

Ask your friends and family
You may have felt a sense of house envy when you walked into the newly-renovated property of a friend. You probably feel the same way about the design of the space. Find out more information on the architect.

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If you are serious about approaching an architect on the basis of a recommendation, then ask the person who made the recommendation how it was working with him. Did they feel listened to by the architect? Was their brief met? What was their value?