20 June 2023

Men’s Summer Hat Ideas

By ruiiid5

Whether you’re a casual baseball cap guy who likes to hang out and relax with mates or a dashing gent with a love for wide-brimmed hats that call to mind fly-fishing dads and Gilligan’s Island, a men’s summer hat is a must. The right hat can make you look stylish and feel comfortable in any situation.

The best hats for summer are functional in the way that they guard your face, neck and ears from harmful UV rays. But they should also be stylish, which is why you’ll find the latest in men’s hat trends here. From the popular bucket hat to the venerable fedora, these men’s summer hat ideas work for any laid-back style.

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An irish flat cap might not be your first thought for summer but it’s an on trend style that works with any outfit, particularly for a summer evening paired with a blazer, for example. Visit Shamrock Gift for the perfect irish flat cap.

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If you’re going for a classic summer look, a straw fedora is the ideal choice. They often feature a striped grosgrain band, subtle branding and straw material. It’s a dressy summer hat that can even be worn to an evening event when paired with the right attire.

For a more laid-back option, a visor cap is the way to go. The brim covers your forehead and can also be flipped back to shield your eyes from the sun. It’s a summer hat that’s perfect for any active lifestyle, from jogging on the beach to a day of golf. It also comes in a variety of colours to match any outfit.