14 February 2022

Mobile phones and music

By ruiiid5

The use of mobile phones to play music has been a true revolution in how we purchase and listen to sounds. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music have created a world of instant access. No longer do we wait in the queue at Our Price for a CD or Tape. With the creation of Shazam, which is directly linked to the streaming services, we don’t even have to go into a shop and ask the assistant if they’ve got “the one that goes like…” anymore. A decent phone is essential for a good playback, and that’s why using King Communication and entering Vodafone Store Ireland can get you the best results.

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In the 1960’s everything was played through Vinyl. This was the next generation from the gramophone. It was an analogue system that featured a needle that ploughed its way through a single continuous groove. This needle conveyed the vibrations to speakers. It was a cumbersome system. Magnetic tapes, developed from clerical services, were the next big thing. They were compact, and the introduction of the walkman meant that personal portable sound was available.

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The CD was the first digital application, but it proved difficult to produce as a mobile system. “Discman” consumed batteries at an alarming and impractical rate. The ability to have an artist’s back catalogue, create your own playlists, share them plus get access to Podcasts is an incredible shift forwards and one that we look set to enjoy for many years to come.