21 December 2017

10 keys to strengthen social profiles in business communication


As we all know, social networks have risen to the throne of communication and have begun to reign. Like us, we can not drive without a car, a driving license and a series of previous practices. Social media needs other factors in order to perform its tasks well. The writing style, the message and the way to sell are key factors. We must not forget that Facebook, Twitter, Google + and a long etcetera are a series of digital tools that are part of a science called communication. The form has varied and evolved. Fire, cave paintings, hieroglyphics, scrolls, paper, printing and now the digital format are variants of this science but the essence and purpose are the same.

If it is true that communication now arrives more quickly, it expands immediately and is much cheaper. The problem we suffer today is the excess of information. We open our emails, profiles and the news bombards us. It is impossible to access and assimilate all the impacts we receive. We work by selection criteria and read what really interests us.

What happens in companies?

The same company has forced companies to innovate and adapt their communication strategy to new times. Many times organizations find problems to get “fans” and “followers”. Having said that, we ask ourselves: Do they enhance their other communication media to publicize their profiles?

From Brandchats  we offer a series of tips to follow to enhance the company profiles in the rest of communications.

1. Do you enhance your social icons in your email signature? Your clients may not know how many social networks your business has. It is also one of the most viral means of an organization. The email does not rest during the workday.

2. Business cards . Although the world is digitizing at times, the classic business card with name and position are still fashionable. Why not adapt it to the average times and put your twitter account?

3. Mailing and newsletter . Strategic places to highlight 2.0 news. If we launch a new Google+ profile, a good way to formalize its launch can be through a news item in the monthly newsletter.

4. A USB? A notebook or magnet for the fridge? Corporate gifts are ideal platforms to promote our social media profiles.

5. The facebook platform allows you to install applications to redirect to other profiles . Why not take advantage of the usability of Facebook to enhance twitter, youtube and pinterest?

6. Design a customized image for twitter . The left side of twitter can be the ideal space to mention the rest of the social media icons.

7. Corporate material . Surely deliver the proposals to your clients in dossiers and corporate folios. Just like we highlight the logo, why not add your channels?

8. At the end of a presentation . !Thank you so much for your attention! During the question time the last slide of a presentation is the one that remains in the background. Apart from thanking the attention, you can take advantage of it to show your social networks.

9. Events and conferences . Moments in which companies show your best image. Roll up, one of the most used materials, can be the ideal tool to give visibility to icons.

10. The corporate website . The first place where the social media channels of an organization should be shown. They should not be placed in a random place. Normally, the most visible enclave, l is in the upper right.