21 December 2018

Customer data is the key to perfect marketing strategies and achieve success


All kinds of information is a very valuable possession, but accurately extracting the data that is really relevant can be an impossible mission. Although most organizations recognize that sales data is a treasure for their business, they will not benefit from a marketing point of view if they do not find a way to identify the really useful ones and how to use them.

Therefore, affilinet, European leader in results marketing, presents some key points about how companies present in the network can use this data to refine marketing strategies, in order to achieve the greatest possible success in their campaigns.

  • Access to the web : knowing how our customers get to the web is essential to determine in which media to focus our strategy and which collaborators are the most important ones to consider as channeling traffic to our site. Identifying the latter will make it possible to have prescribers and / or online distributors of our own products and, therefore, develop sales strategies accordingly. This also allows companies to build a relationship with their customers, based on their actual and current purchasing behavior, and not only on the perception or estimation of the company itself.
  • Create visibility in the flow of the sales cycle of a product : this will give companies the ability to see if a specific product is more in demand at some specific point in the sales campaign. In addition, it allows the possibility of knowing the channels that cause the greatest expense during a specific period of time, and where to press the stock of sales to reach a greater market share.
  • Customized creatives: Optimization is based on knowledge and experience, and knowing exactly the effectiveness of each creativity or sales tool used allows to achieve a control of both the actors and the channels that take part in the sales and marketing process online and its possibilities.
  • Centralized platform : companies do not have time to combine the data from the multiple sources that exist or analyze them one by one in depth. For this reason, what they really need is a tool that can offer them relevant information in a manageable way, that can be used in a way that has a tangible impact on their operations.

As the commercialization channels of companies diversify, the information extracted from them will boost innovations. Affiliation networks represent an important source of information for their clients, enabling an in-depth analysis of users’ purchasing actions always with great transparency.

For example, thanks to the affilinet Basket Tracking tool, advertisers can learn multiple data about online sales through the detailed monitoring of the articles contained in the online shopping baskets, which allows establishing a segmented offer more efficiently. and with a greater conversion to sale.

To demonstrate this trend of data production, nothing better than Mashable’s latest analysis, which estimates that 57.5 billion 32GB iPads would be required to store the 1.8 zetabytes of data that will be produced during the next year. This means an investment of 344,000 million dollars, the equivalent to the sum of the GDP of the United States, Japan, China, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.