22 July 2018

eBay optimizes its advertising model with a new strategic agreement


It has not wanted to be left behind, the giant of online sales has reached an agreement with an expert company in providing online advertising services with the main objective of taking advantage of the rise of electronic commerce through a campaign of advertising with which seeks to increase revenues through online marketing.

Triada Retail Media, the leading brand in traffic generation through the creation of digital media, has been dedicated since its birth in 2004 to retail services, a fact that benefits retailers to advertisers and, obviously, to the buyers.

The advantages of contextual and relevant advertising is one of the main sources of reputation, brand consolidation and increase in sales volumes that companies have and it is precisely this approach to personalized advertising that has driven the eBay agreement with Retail Media Triad

eBay, on the other hand, was founded in San Jose, California, where the agreement has now materialized. Specialist in connecting millions of buyers and sellers worldwide on the business model of online shopping and PayPal as an online payment platform.

The choice of eBay is based on the ability of the triad to achieve through its alliance with eBay, a new online advertising system which will undoubtedly help improve the quality optimization through the experiences of buyers and sellers.

A much more specific and visible publicity that thanks to a totally unique approach in the market, involves customers in the experiences that the new brand will live thanks to the established alliance.

The banners will be more personalized incorporating the advertisement so that customers can access the content without leaving the portal.

A fundamental part of this advertising model is achieved thanks to the creation of the so-called Content Centers where eBay will highlight the most relevant content so that not only new purchases are encouraged, but also online advertising is specialized thanks to the needs and intentions of purchases identified.

Triada for its part proposes as an action plan to give an even more dynamic and innovative approach to advertising where, are the needs established by eBay users, which feed the advertisers that will appear advertising their products.

Similarly, Triada proposes the creation of an integrated “social network” that allows the identification of items in which customers are interested through new led channels that communicate customers with suppliers.

The approach, as reported by the General Director of Triada Retail Media, offers users a model through which they can access quality content, brands that interest them and with access to connect with each other, an optimal way to identify needs and new interests.