28 October 2020

Great ways to Heat your Home

By ruiiid5

Our homes are becoming increasingly high-tech. With many new gadgets to allow us to control our lighting, our music and even see who is at our door at the touch of a button, it can be hard to keep up with the advances in home technology!


One of the most important pieces of technology in every home, particularly at this time of year as we head into the cooler winter months is of course the boiler. When it comes to boilers, they should only be looked at by a professional like HPR services a boiler service Gloucester based company if they need repairs.


But apart from the boiler, there are lots of other ways to heat your home – here are a few of them…

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Under Floor Heating – Originally invented by the Romans, under floor heating has come on in leaps and bounds since it was first created and is now a great way to keep a home cosy – especially suited for conservatories, it heats the home from the ground up.


Bluetooth Radiators – These electric oil filled radiators are a great way to heat your home – available in a wide range of modern styles, they are perfect for quickly heating a room and can be controlled via your phone!

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Log Burner – This is a traditional heating method that doesn’t rely on any modern technology and is a really cosy way to heat a room in the winter months. All you need is a supply of kindling!