25 April 2016

How to survive the “black day” of an entrepreneur


Passion, energy, positivity and enthusiasm. These are usually the terms that define the mood of an entrepreneur in the planning stages of a project. We tend to be specialists in some things that I will sound:

– Sell the “super-firm” to your closest circle

– Set the typical within “a year old” to start making real money and be in a comfortable position

– Predict “realistic” to convince auto business viability (usually a more optimistic forecasts slightly retouched downward)

How to survive the black day of an entrepreneurWhatever you do, you do not go to get rid of the experience of going through the”black day” of the entrepreneur, a day that will shake everything and really will test your commitment to the project and capacity for sacrifice.

Surviving the “black day” an entrepreneur

In most cases, this day comes when an important approach to company collapses when its smooth operation it had 100% internalized. Then you turn your gaze to a role where you have staged your economic forecasts and realize that with this new information that scenario has ceased to make sense.

At this point, I think you have some alternatives to consider before you get to whimper and whine all the time about what happened:

1- Understand that these days are part of learning: When your approaches collapse what you’re doing really is to collect accurate information and validate your business model. Does not mean that everything is a mess, simply you must swing to bring it to what the market needs.

2- Briefly review some processes: This is not to torture but to leave the lesson and understand where those errors were exactly approach. Understanding that can relieve some of the pain

3- Repeat in your head that not every day will be like this: When we are in a really bad day tend to generalize and exaggerate. Statistically, tomorrow will not be like this. You can try with some video cheer you up; when I have a really bad day I get this:

4- You remember your motivations and aspirations: You remember why you started? What motivated you? Because nothing has changed, in fact, once you have validated information you are really closer to your goals than before.

5- Draw a minimal plan that allows you to further investigate on the line you were working: make sure a minimum income or activity to continue on the road.

Most important of all, do not stop. If you keep standing the situation will be exactly as you left it. I hate to disappoint you and do not provide great solutions, or less familiar arguments but I repeat in this post because sometimes it’s good to remember that everything you need to overcome a difficult situation already know and is always at your fingertips: a firm attitude let you follow up and prove to yourself that nothing shall separate you from your goals.