2 March 2018

If you want to improve your positioning in Google, forget about the algorithm and focus on people


I would have liked to title this entry as: ” SEO has died “. But if I had, I would have two problems. The first, the fierce competition in Google for those terms. And the second one, which would be going against my principles and beliefs.

I do not think SEO has died. In fact, I think he’s more alive than ever. What happens is that SEO as we knew it two years ago, practically does not exist. Or rather, has incorporated other factors that make the traditional have lost a little weight.

This does not mean that they do not work. The technical factors of SEO are still perfectly valid. Both the on page elements (URL, title, code, etc.) and the off page (domain, redirects, hosting, etc.), Google continues to consider them as fundamental.

Contrary to what people believe, the main foundations of search engine positioning are not secret. In fact, Google periodically publishes a very easy to understand guide to know the optimal way to position your website.

Another thing, are those elements that fall within the individual algorithm of each search engine that are secret. And it is good that they are so that they are not abused.

Two weeks ago, we learned that Google had added 50 new keys to its algorithm, focusing mainly on the freshness of the content, its originality and the “social” factor of the content.

And this is where social networks come in. It is not that the social networks themselves favor the positioning of your website. But it is the value of the content that you publish in it; and how this is shared through social networks, which favors the search engine positioning of your online store, blog or website. That is why we are seeing sites with deficit SEO technical factors to position themselves very well in strategic keywords.

And all this as it leaves us? Better than ever. It will not matter so much what you know about SEO techniques. In fact, it is said that it will penalize the “excesses” of technicalities. Now you will have to worry about what you should never have left aside: to make your audience fall in love with your content. Yours, your own. Because it is also penalizing the copies very hard.

If you focus on generating valuable content, the rest will come as if by magic. Your community will share it from their social networks, that will make it reach more people, who in turn will share and save it, and generate new content from yours.

All your effort has to concentrate on generating value traffic for your website, online store or blog. That which means the highest percentage of conversions you can get. That is the main foundation of Inbound Marketing, of which my friend Oscar del Santo has just released an excellent book.

If you do this, you can get away from the technical fads, and focus on putting together a valuable content plan for your potential clients. If you stay human and comment by adding value to other blogs and forums, if you update your social networks and expand your community and if you measure your actions, and adapt your strategy to the natural demand of your visitors, you can forget about extravagances such as “density of keywords “,” rel = nofollow “” dublin core meta “and other frikadas that we invented who work in online marketing.