16 November 2016

Social networking scenario professionals present and future


Social networks can be a hobby or a place to develop your career. So much so, that the number of job offers posted on LinkedIn has increased by 1350% in just 3 years.

The boom has been seen especially in the last quarter of this year, from 883% to 1357% today. The figures are truly spectacular, a true reflection of consciousness by companies about the importance of properly managing their online presence.

Social networking scenario professionals present and futureThis has led to the proliferation different professional profiles related to the new digital media, among which the figure of the Social Media Manager.LinkedIn we can find 21,106 professional users labeled under this name, which is by far the most widespread profile.

In total more than 52,500 professionals in the LinkedIn Social Media are recorded, without Community Managers or other related names.Approximately 42% of them fall within the Senior category, along with 36% considered as beginners or without a long work experience. LinkedIn also reflects 11% of business managers, along with 7% of directors related activities in this type of media.

These figures confirm estimates ISDI, pointing how the next two years are going to be really active in job creation on the Internet especially because of the growing process of digitization of companies, which coincidentally manifested be faced enormous difficulties in finding professionals to cover these positions.

The good news is that countries, are among the top 4 places to find work as a Social Media Manager, after North America and the UK. However, we could ask an interesting question. Is it really a profession for the future? In response, rather it should be noted that this is a profession of this. Companies demand qualified to manage their online presence effectively professionals. A demand that even increase over the next years.