5 October 2021

Team building ideas to build morale

By ruiiid5

Team building is an incredibly important process and should be undertaken at a number of points. This could be when a new member of staff joins the team, after a difficult period of time or on an annual basis. Trying to ensure that your staff members are happy in their job role, as well as within their teams, is crucial to ensure a  productive team unit. If team members feel that they are subject of bad behaviour or actions that make them feel unhappy they might be in a position to file a Constructive Dismissal Claim through a company like Employmentlawfriend.co.uk

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There are a number of ways that you can build morale within a team and some of them include:

  • Team lunches – once a month either take the team out to lunch or have food brought into the office. This gives the team a chance to get together over lunch time and chat about their personal interests and lives rather than only communicating about work projects.

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  • Activity days – there are lots of team activities that you can take part in such as hiking days, bowling events and many more. It is important to find something that everyone will be able to enjoy and take part in. You also need to make sure that this occurs during the work day so as to give everyone the opportunity to turn up regardless of their family and homelife situation.
  • Volunteering – giving back to your local community is not only a great thing to do but also gives your team a chance to come together and work on a project that is not related to your work.