3 March 2017

The new priorities of online marketing


We are in the era of the omnicanal customer, a customer who has changed his buying habits while incorporating technology into his daily life. This is a major challenge for brands because they must adapt to a new scenario in which they must apply new techniques and languages to reach these demanding and hyperconnected users. To do this, it is important to devise an effective multichannel marketing strategy that conveys a coherent brand message in all channels, but at the same time adapts to the characteristics of each one, and makes them interact with each other to weave the network of the Mark around each user.

This approach may seem complex, but it offers us two great advantages; In the first place, we adapt to the needs of our customers more omnicanal proving that we are an innovative company and that listens to the needs of its users. And secondly, we are encouraging more traditional customers to make the leap to other channels, where we will be their brand of confidence and will be easier to keep them.

The new priorities of online marketingTo achieve this goal, first of all we must be clear about the five priorities of online marketing in this new context:


Analyze your database and the details you have to be able to segment the campaigns: declarative, conduct, purchase, device, etc. data. Segmentation is not unique, it is often necessary to sub-segment, ie cross different data that convert the object of the campaign into the ideal target with which to obtain a more effective ROI.

Automate and Plan

Part of customer loyalty is obtained by maintaining personalized communication and being able to automate messages at key moments (birthdays, welcome, reactivation, etc.). Proper planning of digital marketing campaigns can make a big difference in cost-efficiency values. Some of the digital marketing tools that exist in the market allow you to create cross-platform marketing campaigns in just 5 steps. An advance that saves significant time and resources, without losing effectiveness.

Analyze and Interpret

It is important to manage the campaigns with platforms that allow to obtain all the data in real time, so that you can react or apply elements of correction in them; Observe the viralization, reactivity or openings and obtain a reactive ‘map’ on which to make decisions. Much of the secret of analyzing and interpreting data resides in how you organize them visually so this work does not turn into a nightmare of numbers and variables. Adequate and functional software, with dashboards adaptable to what you need to read will be part of the job.


Content is king. This consolidated statement is just as valid for digital marketing. It is increasingly important to make a creative effort in the approach of the messages and their staging. Variables such as good design, humor and personalization always work.


The connection is understood not only as the ability to reconnect with each user of the database to adapt the waves of the campaign to their behavior or interest shown (retargeting, pressure management, etc.) but the connection has to see Also with the ability to see in the rest of tools, social networks and platforms an ally for our communication.