27 October 2020

What are the top trends in the food industry right now?

By ruiiid5

It’s a fun time to be engaged in the drink and food industries as innovation is booming and if you’ve got an innovative idea fir your business, food PR is the perfect way to create lots of buzz around it. For more information on Food PR, visit a site like Leapfrog PR. So, what’s hot?

  1. Experiences

The most effective way to foster excitement about your food is to let people try it. Allow customers to smell, feel and taste what is on offer. Does it photograph well? Will people crave it? Try staging an event or a pop-up where you can create an immersive experience for your clients. It’s a good way to make your mark in a saturated market.

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  1. Content

Engaging content is key and a top trend right now is a site packed full of foody information like recipes, tips, photos, videos and influencer contributions. Having this type of content on a website and on your social media feeds is ideal for driving awareness of your brand.

  1. Partnerships

Forming a link with brands that have a similar ethos to your own or getting influencers on board is another effective way to draw attention to your business.

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  1. Start a foodie blog

Blogging is a top way to gain more traction online. It is low in cost but a good way to improve your ranking on Google’s search engine. A blog is an opportunity to share your industry knowledge and with millennials increasingly wanting to know the story behind what they eat, a blog offers the chance to share a behind the scenes look at your business.