16 March 2023

What is a vacuum conveyor, what is it used for and who would use this technology.

By ruiiid5

Many large companies are now using a Vacuum conveyor to move bulk loads of various solid materials quickly and efficiently through a pipe from one place to another.  The clever use of pressurised gas to convey these solid particles has been refined from a German Engineer named Gasterstadt, who in the 1950’s discovered he could shift solid particles along a pipe using air.  His experiments inspired American and Japanese Students to carry out further research and the Vacuum Conveyor was born.  The professional companies that can supply, fit and maintain one of these technologically advanced machines for your product transportation needs is one similar to https://www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/vacuum-conveying.  The businesses that can now benefit from this ultra-modern technology are pharmaceutical companies, chemical suppliers, agricultural and aggregate companies and the food industry to name just a few.

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There are several pros for using this smart modern system including, flexible routing, short/long run length, low maintenance, prevention of contamination, very low energy consumption, and low product degradation.  Here is a short list of just a few of the products that can be quickly and efficiently transported using the Vacuum Conveyor method, Food, Sand, Pellets, Wood Chips, Rubber, Plastics, Chalk, and Pet Food.

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A fully trained team of professional, dedicated engineers will come to your business site to make sure the Conveying system you have chosen is set up properly and working to its maximum potential. Only when your management is 100% happy with the outcome of the test runs do the team leave.