27 November 2015

Reasons to invest in an eBay shop design solution


If you’ve not yet invested in an eBay template design solution for your eBay store, now is a great time to enjoy the benefits.

eBay shop design solution

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A great range of eBay templates and themes are available from digital designers that make it much easier to present and update your eBay store. When you need to add new categories to your shop, you can enjoy dynamic themes that mean you don’t need to make time-consuming updates to all of your existing listings.

Easy to use

The template designs on offer are also very simple, which means that you don’t need specialist technical knowledge such as HTML. They are built with non-specialist users in mind, and you don’t need to invest in additional specialist software packages. The template solutions allow you to integrate the designs into your shop in rapid time with just a few quick steps.

Quality design

You’ll love the professional designs that are available. Gone are the days of cheap-looking, homespun design templates for eBay. Modern solutions are well designed and professionally coded to help sellers present a strongly branded online storefront on eBay. This can translate into a better customer experience and better online sales! Of course, there is plenty of opportunity for personalisation. A designer such as frooition.com can also help you to customise further if needed.

Support packages

Look out for designers that offer excellent support when you buy their eBay template design solution, because this is vital for your ongoing needs. The best agencies will have plenty of experience in working with eBay sellers; some have been doing this for more than a decade! This translates into specialist knowledge of the platform and the ability for those designers to create exactly the right templates for your needs, which will ensure that your investment translates into stronger sales in the long run.

Finally, look out for inclusive pricing with a one-off fee. Ideally, you only want to be paying ongoing support costs if you want some kind of retainer system in order to access your designer’s skills and expertise on a regular basis in the future. This can be a good option if you are likely to evolve your online site or manage more than one eBay shop.