20 August 2016

Millennials, authentic hunters promotions and social networking


The Millennials or Generation Y members are one of the most desired by business niche markets. The reason is simple and, when the numbers look, obvious: the millennials are the largest group of consumers that brands have had access in recent times. They are young, they are trained and are very open to spend significant amounts on something if that something interests them.

But millennials are not just a group of large, active and desirable consumers, it is also one different from the previous ones and with a different scale of values. To reach them, marketers of companies have to play with different weapons to those used so far and have to be open to impose new techniques and media. For starters, Generation Y is very committed in the use of social networks and uses it quite broadly when it relates to business.

Millennials, authentic hunters promotions and social networkingThis relationship, however, has its peculiarities. 60% of millennials use social networks, according to a study of Ibotta discount app to keep up on discounts and offers. That is, they follow brands on Facebook or Twitter to know before anyone else what promotions are throwing for consumers. At the end of the day , purchases can be marked by what they find and offer companies: 60% would change recognizes that strategic in your shopping cart if an offer proves tempting.

The presence on social networking companies is generally very important for this group of consumers. One study indicated that 95% of the members of this generation prefer brands that have active profiles on social networks and 63% is kept informed of what they do business through social media.Still, not worth to put corporate information and offers that, as shown bythe study Ibotta, interested both millennials. Generation Y wants tocorporate accounts will also offer entertainment and useful content.

And if all this information is not conclusive, social networks are already directly influencing purchasing decisions. 40% of millennials have purchased a product just after interacting with the brand in a profile on social networks.

The millennial, mobile friendly

But besides love social networks, Millennials are also intensive and recurrent users of mobile devices and expect brands are also there. In fact, the study notes that Ibotta this age are more astute when using applications and mobile devices.

Millennials are generally those who are more dynamic or leading the leap to mobile. Young people are the ones that really are driving payment through mobile, since it is they who are accepting electronic wallets and especially those who are using real way to pay on the premises. Not only they use the apps to pay, but also to buy or to compare. 2 out of 3 millennials use applications when they go shopping, according to a study of CFI Group, either to chat with friends or to compare the price of what they want to buy what it offers another establishment.