11 May 2017

So are the professional profiles of Social Media and Online Marketing


Lately we read that the professional profiles related Social Media are among the most demanded by companies. That is why it is not surprising that, faced with the precarious employment situation in the country, many of those who are unemployed, or want to improve their work situation, focus attention in this area and seek to improve their training And what they have to know to immerse themselves in the middle 2.0.

So are the professional profiles of Social Media and Online MarketingThe name that most sounds is undoubtedly that of Community Manager, however this sector also demands other professional profiles that it is important to know what other functions you can play in online marketing?

  • Social Media Manager. It is the one who defines the strategy to follow in Social Media, which includes both the objectives as the guidelines of action or the tone of the communication. It has a global vision of the brand at an online level and is in direct contact with the other components of the communication department and, by extension, marketing.
  • Community Manager. It can be considered as the executing part of the strategy proposed by the Social Media Manager. In turn, it acts as the intermediary between the company and its target audience. It is responsible for creating and revitalizing a community around the brand, to transmit the personality of the company and to generate a positive attitude towards it, in a climate of approach and two-way communication.
  • Content strategist. Content marketing is becoming more and more important. It is no longer enough to keep a social profile, or corporate blog updated, but it is necessary to determine what kind of content to convey, in what form and with what communicative intention. It is also necessary to develop a content strategy, which pursues previously defined objectives. This reinforces the overall strategy in Social Media and optimizes ROI.
  • Content curator. One of the tasks demanded by content marketing is to track the media landscape in search of quality information, news relevant to the sector and trends. Here comes Content Curator, who is in charge of selecting those content pearls that exist scattered by the network, either for own documentation or to enrich the content strategy itself.
  • Copywriters and bloggers. What would we be without them. The true wizards of the word, who are able to extract from their mysterious top hat and a thousand ideas, each more useful and creative, which take shape under the orders of his fingers on the keyboard. The ability to write is nowadays one of the main qualities outlined by professionals in the sector.
  • Web analyst and usability specialist. All our effort in creating quality content and optimization for search engines would fall on deaf ears if it did not make qualified visits to the web, which eventually translated into sales. Therefore, these professionals are dedicated in body and mind to study web statistics, evaluate traffic sources, what visits do when they reach the web or how to increase the conversion rate, among others.
  • SEO Consultant. It’s who works to get the favor of the search engines. Google is your polar star, according to which updates the content of your website, improves its structure or optimizes its source code. He collaborates closely with the web analyst and the usability expert. It is important that you do not reduce your work from the web to the inside, which is commonly referred to as SEO on page, but also work on the relevance of your site externally.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It is a form of advertising on the internet, which can be very profitable for companies, when it comes to getting qualified traffic that converts directly into sales. This is a medium where brands make large investments, so it is necessary the help of great professionals in the field, who are able to manage the budget and achieve maximum benefit for the customer.
  • Online branding consultant. Social Media has brought with it public exposure of the brand, along with an empowerment of ordinary citizens; So that it can be the focus of attacks and criticism by users, which can seriously damage their online reputation. For this reason it is necessary the figure of professionals who are able to cultivate an adequate online presence and, above all, to know what to do in case of a crisis of reputation.

These profiles also coexist with others related to web design and programming, which have adapted their functions to the new demands of the online medium, both for the traditional web and for the increasingly developed mobile devices.

What other 2.0 professional profiles do you know? Which one do you feel most identified with?