21 March 2017

5 ways that technology will keep you safe


Technology is all around us every day and there are lots of ways that it is improving our safety, whether it’s our own personal safety or protecting our documents and personal details. As technology advances even more, we look at five of the ways that it can be used to keep us safe.

5 ways that technology will keep you safe2

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Encrypting data keeps us safe

One of the biggest cyber risks is the problem of computer hacking and research shows that between 2015 and 2016 almost three quarters of small businesses were subject to a breach in their security. A way of keeping data safe, for both companies and individuals, is to use a software or hardware based encryption package, so that information can only be read by authorised people.

Locate and lock your device

If your device is lost the data on it could be at risk, but there are now both free and paid for apps and software which you can install. These enable you to locate a lost device and lock down the hard drive with the use of another trusted device, so that no one else can access it.

Fingerprint scanners

The traditional password is starting to be replaced by fingerprint technology, to keep devices even more secure. Whereas a password can be hacked or guessed, fingerprints can’t be reproduced, and these systems are beginning to be introduced into more devices rather than just being the type of thing you would see in spy films.

5 ways that technology will keep you safe

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Facial recognition

Video technology is evolving at a rapid pace and new products are constantly coming onto the market, such as the body worn cameras available at https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/body-worn-cameras. One of the areas that can improve security features is facial recognition scans, which can memorise your facial structure so that it can be used as an additional layer of security when accessing files.

Use your mobile as a key

A way of enhancing the protection of personal data is to use your phone to unlock your computer or tablet, which means that you need to be in possession of both devices. There are apps available so you can programme a mobile and turn it into an electronic key. This means that if the device is lost or stolen it can’t be accessed unless they also have your phone.