25 December 2015

Sharing the Internet via WiFi on Windows 7.8


Usually, to connect to the Internet, you use a router with an integrated access point. This allows you to connect to the Internet any type of device: Smartphone (such as Android, iPhone or Windows Phone), tablets (e.g. iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab), notebooks, netbooks, smart TV, consoles (e.g. Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Microsoft Xbox 360 / One or Sony PSP / PS3 / PS4), and other devices. 

However, if you do not have a router (or modem) with integrated access point, but you have to hand a laptop (or desktop PC with USB adapter) that has the operating system Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can share the connection Internet via WiFi, to allow other devices to surf the Internet using, for example, the ADSL connection (wired or wireless) or one of the key 3G / LTE, already exists.

Sharing the Internet via WiFi on Windows 7.8

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Sharing the internet via WiFi on windows 7.8

All you need to do is download a small free program (called mHotspot) that not only allows you to share any type of connection, but also offers the opportunity to be a repeater signal (i.e. from a range extender), all managed by a convenient interface that allows you to control the traffic and the devices that are connected. This is the simple steps to follow:

First download mHotspot from official page. During installation you are careful to select Installation Personalize and uncheck both items. After you click Next again select Installation Personalize (advanced), uncheck to Install AVG PC TuneUp, then click Next, and then click Install When installation is complete you will get a welcome window: put the check in don’t show again, and then click Close;

Now go into the program, from a name to the network hotspot (Hotspot Name) and enter a password at least 8 characters (consisting only of numbers but also if you enter the letters pay attention to the uppercase and lowercase letters). Now select the Internet connection to be shared (via the pull-down menu next to the entry Internet Source) and, if you want, you can also select the number of devices to be connected to the Internet (from 1 to 10), using the menu Max Clients. Now click the Start Hotspot to share an Internet connection via WiFi on Windows 7.8 (to stop just click Stop Hotspot).

At this point you will activate the connection sharing, but if you want the hotspot to remain on whenever you start your PC, you have to go in the options (Settings) program and put the check in the Run at Windows Startup and also to Auto Start Hotspot.

If, however, after the activation of the hotspot you have problems navigating with your device, go to the control panel and, under the heading Network and Internet, select Network and Sharing Center. Now click on the item (in the left column)  Change adapter settings, select the network card (LAN or wireless) through which you connect to the Internet, go to properties, then tab Sharing  and, if not already there, put the check to Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection and click on OK.

Before concluding, it must be said that although the operation of the program is guaranteed only on Windows 7 and Windows 8, not there should still be problems getting it to run on Windows 8.1.